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2 in 3 consumers will pay more for products and services from brands with purpose; brands that are committed to making a positive social and environmental impact

Download our exclusive e-book to discover how good your Brand Purpose is.

We live in uncertain times. Consumers want to trust the brands they buy. The business case for defining and activating your Brand Purpose (why you exist and the value you create for society) is mounting – 80% of consumers want a company to take action that both increase profits and improve the social conditions of the community in which it operates.

Companies including Unilever, IBM, Patagonia and TOMS Shoes have all successfully placed Brand Purpose at the heart of their businesses and brought it to life.

In our exclusive e-book, discover how good your Brand Purpose is and explore why Brand Purpose matters in business today through interviews and thoughts from brand leaders across multiple sectors, including:  

  • Carol Cone, Founder Carol Cone On Purpose
  • Dan Germain, Group Head of Brand, Innocent
  • Luke Whitcomb, Marketing Director, English Heritage
  • Vicky Browning, ACEVO Chief Executive, formerly CharityComms Director
  • Danny Homan, Chief of Staff, Big Lottery Fund
  • Chris Jenkins, European Sustainability Manager, Ella’s Kitchen

We believe great brand design creates change for the better.

Through the power of design and strategy The Team engages memorably with people, creating outstanding customer and employee communications and experiences.

We help businesses define and deliver their social purpose, as well as inspiring customers and employees with it, inside and out. Get in touch to find out more.